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A single platform to recruit and retain participants and deploy sophisticated data collection, harmonization and analytics to accelerate your research.

Key use cases that power your clinical research

Vibrent seamlessly weaves participant-focused technologies into the entire life cycle of clinical research. Accelerate recruitment, retention and engagement of diverse populations and harmonize novel data collected - genotype, phenotype, medical and environmental context.

Participant-Centric Apps
Electronic Consent
Data Collection
Bio-specimen Remote Collection
Virtual Trials
Retention/ Engagement
Dashboards/ Insights
Security and Privacy
Data Analysis/ Reporting
Diverse Populations
Machine Learning/AI
Return of Value
EHR Patient Lookup
Global Outreach
Integrated Lab Services
Measurement Catalog

Outreach and awareness

Expand your reach with digital marketing tools that are purpose-built for clinical research. Get the word out to the right people in the right way. Expand diversity inclusion.

  • Quickly launch a custom website

  • Precision digital marketing tools

  • Analytics and dashboards to understand performance


Precision recruitment tools to help you meet your accrual targets. Digital marketing dashboards and analytics provide insights and intelligence.

  • Import your contact lists to expand recruitment targets

  • Automated recruitment campaigns

  • Run A/B recruitment tests

Participant-Centric Apps

Generate novel datasets with mobile and web apps, wearables, EHR integrations and connected medical devices. Return value, insights and health promotion to your research participants.

  • Collaboratively designed with the NIH and participants

  • Generate novel datasets

  • Cross the digital divide

Electronic Informed Consent

Our experts turn your paper-based consent into a virtual, interactive experience that informs your participants of the value of participating in research, accommodates multiple learning styles, and makes version control and documentation easy at a fifth grade reading level.

  • Scientifically validated methodology

  • Interactive, media-rich, workflow-based

  • Culturally sensitive, bi-lingual, 508 compliant

Longitudinal data collection

Gain a 360° understanding of the complex interrelationships between the many different factors that impact people’s health over long periods of time.


Click on the different sections of the graph to learn about biological, phenotype, medical and environmental data collection types.


Understand the complex inner working of the human body by remotely collecting bio-samples (blood, or saliva, tissue and others) with at-home, hybrid or in-person collection kits

  • Genomics / multi-omics

    When combined with phenotype and environmental data, genomics/multi-omics data vastly enhances and accelerates biomedical research, personalized medicine and drug development.

  • Microbiome

    Your microbiome in the gut, skin, mouth and vagina influence chronic diseases, the immune system and overall health and changes over time in response to age, diet, medication, and even diseases like cancer.

  • Diagnostics

    Get a better understanding of overall biological health or specific condition with remote at-home contactless bio-sample collection methods.

  • COVID testing

    Rapid antigen testing or PCR testing with at-home test kits delivered to specific people depending on artificial intelligence enabled screening algorithms and contact tracing methods and workflows.


Understand their health in the real world. Gain a deep understanding of symptoms, family history, socio-demographics, mental health, physical health, ethnicity, behaviors, lifestyle and other important aspects of daily life across long periods of time.

  • Wearables

    Low-burden, objective data generates novel datasets that yield a more robust understanding of individual patterns over time.

  • Behavioral Sensing

    Ultra-low-burden, objective data passively collected from mobile devices with the consent of participants provide valuable contextual data.

  • Surveys / EMAs

    Digital surveys and in-the-moment ecological momentary assessments provide a foundational understanding of the participant.

  • Remote Monitoring and Virtual Clinical Exam

    Get a robust picture of a person’s health in their daily life with objective biometric data on heart, lungs, metabolism and body temperature through connected medical devices such as blood pressure cuffs, pulse-oximeters, ECG devices, weight scales, thermometers and others.


Structured clinical data and patient reported data gives you a broad picture of a person’s health as represented in their health care encounters.

  • EHRs

    Data from electronic health records provide opportunities to enhance patient care, embed performance measures into clinical practice, and facilitate clinical research.

  • Claims

    Help connect the dots between disease, clinical care, medication therapy, and health care utilization with patient claims data (Blue Button).

  • Patient Satisfaction

    Gain an understanding of how a patient perceives the value of their care and the overall clinical user experience.

  • Access to Care

    Accelerate your disparities research with data about how different patients from different backgrounds and geographics gain access to clinical care.


Gain a richer understanding of human health with a view into exposures and interactions with environment.

  • Device Sensing

    Connected environmental sensing devices generate objective datasets about a person’s proximal environment.

  • SDoH Surveys

    One-time or periodic electronic surveys provide a longitudinal record of the social determinants of health.

  • Public Health Data

    Gain a more robust picture of a person’s health by correlated individual health data with public health data.

  • Other Databases

    Custom data integrations from public data sources such as NIAID, CDC, and others.

EHR Integration and Data Harmonization

Plug-and-play EHR integrations using HL7/FHIR interoperability standards for participants to access medical records and share data with researchers.

  • Access over 1,500 endpoints

  • Bi-directional data exchange

  • Give participants access to their medical records

Biospecimen Remote Collection

Understand the complex inner working of the human body by remotely collecting bio-samples (blood, saliva, tissue and others) with at-home or hybrid collection kits.

  • Over 5,700 samples collected remotely

  • Get the right kit to the right participant at the right time

  • Fulfillment, tracking and scheduling


Genomics/multi-omics data vastly enhances and accelerates biomedical research, personalized medicine and drug development especially when combined with phenotypic data, environmental data and other contextual data.

  • Genomics eConsent and compliance

  • Remote sample collection

  • Return of information to participants

Virtual Trials

Virtual and decentralized clinical trials conducted remotely, with patient subjects remaining at home during a significant portion, or all, of the study.

  • Remote data collection

  • CATI, video chat, automated calling queues

  • Reduced burden, reduced costs

Retention and Engagement

You can’t afford to lose your participants after enrollment. We make it easy to stay in touch with your participants over time. We make it easy for participants to stay engaged. Over the long term, our tools ensure you meet your retention targets.

  • Tailored automated communications campaigns

  • Schedule in-person or virtual appointments

  • CATI (Watch Video), email, SMS, postal mail, phone

Dashboards and Insights

Real-time data-driven decision-making based on data analytics and insights to understand what works for your unique study.

  • Interactive real-time dashboards

  • Understand what’s working and what isn’t

  • Data analytics

Security and Privacy

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality of your data is paramount to build trust with communities. We proactively prevent, detect and respond to keep your data safe, private and confidential.

  • Privacy preserving

  • Approved by many IRBs

  • Keeping 400k+ participant’s data safe in the NIH’s All of Us Research Program

Data Analysis and Reporting

Do quick on-demand analyses of your study or trial data with real-time, online data.

  • Explore your data in real-time

  • Immediate access to research data

  • Export large datasets

Recruiting and Retaining Diversity and Inclusion

Sometimes participants need a helping hand. With Vibrent’s support tools, you can address the unique needs of all participants. Turn every encounter into an opportunity to build trust with your participants.

  • Tools built on inquiry, empathy and inclusion

  • Designed with our Participant Advisory Board

  • Mixed-methods qualitative user research

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Algorithms

Save time and budget with professional recruitment, engagement and retention tools that help target the right people at the right time with the right message.

  • Workflow automation

  • Intelligent triage to save you time

  • Ethical AI

Ethical Return of Value

The traditional clinical research model is traditionally one-directional - participants contribute data to science. We enable a bi-directional model where data, information and knowledge is ethically returned back to participants in a personalized and meaningful way.

  • Based on NIH ethical guidelines

  • Tailored by the participant for their needs

EHR Patient Lookup

Determine eligibility for eConsent before participant enrollment using patient search capabilities of their provider’s medical records.

  • Medical Record Number (MRN) Access and Linking

  • Reduce eConsent completion time by reusing Name, Address, Phone and DOB fields on-file

  • Reduce duplicated enrollment of participants

Global Outreach

Outreach support for participants living abroad while delivering study related campaigns, and content where they live.

  • Multi-country user access

  • Multi-country communication for Phone Numbers, SMS and Addresses with delivery in the countries related time zones

  • Participant data collected in their preferred units of measure

Integrated Lab Services

Bring lab updates and resulting data directly into your study. Our lab services integration can support your custom workflows for order fulfillment and campaign activities.

  • Pathology processing status of collected specimens and lab results

  • DNA extraction fulfillment when specimens exist at the lab

  • Additional blood, tissue, or bone sample requests when specimens are exhausted

Measurement Catalog

Well-established, high-quality, low-burden measurement protocols intended for use in biomedical, epidemiological, clinical, translational, and genomic research.

  • Quickly accelerate study launch or ancillary studies

  • Access over 1400 measurements across 100+ measurement protocols

  • Open Library for researchers to propose new measures

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